How do I send an Instant Message or Newsletter/Broadcast Message?

Step 1:

Create the message you want to send out by adding it as a new message in the Message Library found by clicking on the Message Library icon in the navigation window on the left of Postmaster Express.

All messages sent out of Postmaster Express are stored in the Message Library.

Step 2:

Search for the group of contacts you want to send the message to either using the Quick Search or Advanced Search.

By doing this, you will return all the contacts you want to receive your newsletter/broadcast email to the contacts form where the "Send Instant Message To Contacts" button is located.

Remember, to perform a function on a contact/or group of contacts, you must first "search" for the contact/s. Then, once you have retrieved the group of contacts to the contacts form, you can perform the action on that group of contacts.

Step 3:

Your search will return all the contacts that matched your search criteria to the contacts form. Now simply click the "Send Instant Message to Contacts" button on the lower right of the contacts form and select the Message you want to send to all the contacts your search returned.

The default signature line and from name and from email address will be used with all instant messages.  This is done because multiple categories could meet the search results.

Step 4:

The messages will be posted and ready to send out. Simply go to the "Generate/Send Email" button under tools and click "Send Email" button.