What are the Mail Merge Codes to personalize my email?

Postmaster allows you to merge any of your contact data into your email messages. Both the subject and message body of any outgoing email are mail merge-able, automatically.

Simply insert these merge codes into any of your messages in the Message Library to merge contact details into each email. Postmaster will check and merge in any contact data from the field you select, such as {firstname}, based on the email address being sent to. If there is NO DATA in the field for a particular contact, only a single space will be inserted.

Here's a list of all the mail merge codes that you can add to your email messages:


Automated Date Merge Codes:

{todaysdate} Inserts the current date into the message.
{adddaystodateX} adds X amount of days to the current date and inserts into the message, where you change X to the number of days to add on.

E.g. If today's date were 12/01/2014 and I used {adddaystodate5} inserted in my message, the mail merge would replace the merge code with 12/06/2014.

This is perfect for including cut off deadlines, special offers ending, etc. to help create some scarcity point 3, 5, 10, 30 days (whatever you want automatically) and it works in an automated follow up series, indefinitely.

In the above email email message, you can see I have mail merged in
and {custom1} where I stored a comments field they filled out on my Web form.

You can see I merged in {firstname} more than once. You can merge in as many codes as you want and as many times as you need!

NOTE: If you use a merge code in a message to a contact that doesn't have data in that field, a blank will be returned or no data. The merge code itself, will be removed from the email sent and be replaced by one single space.