Importing 3rd party Contacts into Postmaster Express:

You can import any TAB DELIMITED TEXT FILE that contains your contacts.

To import your TAB DELIMITED text file containing your contacts, click the TOOLS bar in the navigation window in the lower left hand corner of Postmaster Express. Click the "IMPORT" button and then click the "Import Third Party Contacts" button.

There are 3 Steps to the Import Wizard:

Step 1:

Provide the path to the Tab Delimited text file you want to import into Postmaster Express. You can click the Browse button to use the Windows Standard open dialog box to find your file.

Step 2:

In this Step, the Wizard has read in the first line of your tab delimited file containing your contacts. You will use this first row to MAP each field contained in the text file to a field in Postmaster.

(NOTE: You must map a valid email address field from the text file to the EMAIL field in Postmaster Express)

Click here to view a sample of MAPPING the text file fields to Postmaster Fields.

As you can see in the example, my tab delimited text file contains 5 columns for each contact. These columns are:

Email (
First name (nate)
Last name (kern)
Miscellaneous data 1 (test data)
Miscellaneous data 2 (yadda)

Simply select the column on the left, then click the appropriate add buttons corresponding to the Postmaster Express field that you want the data to go into. Just as I did in the example graphic above.

Column 1 went to the Email field.
Column 2 went to the first name field.
Column 3 went to the last name field.
Column 4 went to the custom1 field since it's miscellaneous data.
Column 5 went to the custom4 field since it's miscellaneous data.

You DO NOT have to map every text file column or piece of data to a Postmaster Express field, only the columns of data you want imported into your Postmaster Express database.

Click the Next Step button.

Step 3:

Now, simply select the category (from the drop down) you want to import the contacts into and click Import!