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Here's details and help for our NEW PMXMailer!

Now, before you can perform any of the following actions or functions in Postmaster, it always begins with the Find (SEARCH) of a contact or group of contacts that you want to perform the action on, like...

@ Add Contacts To a Category
@ Remove Contacts From a Category
@ Send a Instant Email to a Group Of Contacts (this would be aseparate email to a group of contacts from the regular message series you set up for each category)
@ Export to a text file
@ Remove from the database

All the above functions are located on the contacts screen. So, if you want to remove all contacts in the TEST category, you first search for all the contacts in the TEST category. Then, once the contactsform comes up it will contain your search and you will click on the Remove Contactsfrom Category button and all contacts contained in that search will be removed fromthe category you select.

So, the first thing you need to do is learn how to perform specific searches using Postmaster Express. It's very simple!

1a) How do I use the Quick Search feature.
1b) How do I use the Advanced Search feature.
2) Can I import my contacts from other programs or from other lead providers?
3) How do I send an Instant Message to a group of contacts in a Category/Categories OR a Newsletter/Broadcast email?
4) How do I export contacts from Postmaster Express?
5) How do I remove a group of contacts from my database?
6) How do I add a group of contacts to a category?
7) How do I remove a group of contacts from a category?
8) How do I add notes/extra data for a contact?
9) How do I create an autoresponder?
10) Which Mail Server should I choose when sending out email?
11) Postmaster isn't mailing and I need more details and help right now.

12) What are Threads and how do they work when sending email?
13) What are the Mail Merge Codes to personalize my emails?
14) Can I add attachments to my outgoing email?
15) My expressdata.mdb file is very large. Can I compact it?
16) How do I Back up my data?