How do I export my contacts from Postmaster Express?

Step 1:

You can export all/part of your contacts from Postmaster Express into a Tab Delimited Text file for import and sharing data with other programs.

Search for the group of contacts you want to export from Postmaster Express by  using the Quick Search or Advanced Search.

By doing this, you will return all the contacts you want to export from Postmaster Express. This action does not delete them from the database.

Remember, to perform a function on a contact/or group of contacts, you must first "search" for the contact/s. Then, once you have retrieved the group of contacts to the contacts form, you can perform the action on that group of contacts.

Step 2:

Your search will return all the contacts that matched your search criteria to the contacts form. Now, click on the "Spreadsheet View" button.

Now, once the new spreadsheet view form is up, (this is just a different view of the same contacts you returned using your search to the contacts form), click on the "Export Contacts to Tab Delimited File" button.

That's it! Postmaster will create the tab delimited text file of your contacts on your desktop and give it a unique name. A message will pop up when Postmaster Express is done exporting your contacts telling you the name of the file it just created on your desktop.