Which Mail Server should I use?

ISPs and networks no longer allow sending email using the Postmaster Express Mail Server. It's better anyway, since email deliverability will always be best sending through well-known Internet Service companies.

We also just finished updating our Mail Server, and now we can send through either secured ports, 465 or 587, with full email message encryption. If this is the case, email us here or call 888-793-2882 and we'll get you our brand new mailer!

SPECIAL NOTE: It's important that you use the FROM email address associated with your ISP (E.g. you@comcast.net, you@verizon.net, you@att.net, you@aol.com, etc.) or Web Host's email servers. This will insure you get the best deliverability possible. If you use your Web Host, also, insure they have proper and current SPF records for your hosted domain(s).