How do I back up my data in Postmaster Express?

All of your contact information as well as your filters are stored in one file making it easy to backup your data. The file is called EXPRESSDATA.MDB and is located in the directory that you installed Postmaster Express. By default the directory is in one of two locations: (c:\program files\postmasterexpress\ OR c:\program files(x86)\postmasterexpress\).

FIRST, be sure all your Postmaster windows are closed. Just click the bottom X, under the main X that closes Postmaster in the top right corner. Do this until you see the main white Web page when first opening Postmaster.

NEXT, and only the very first time that you COMPACT AND BACK UP YOUR DATA FILE, go to your Postmaster folder (see above) AND Then Copy and Paste Your EXPRESSDATA.MDB file Into Another Folder!

LASTLY, If you are using "IES" The Incoming Email Solution, and want to back those files up, you need to back those up manually.

Just Copy & Paste These Files, To Another Directory(Folder), As Often as You Want:

email folder
autoresponder folder

Ok, Now You're Ready...

Postmaster Express makes it easy to back up your data file with the click of a button. The COMPACT DATA FILE feature will create a back up of your data file in the same directory.  To compact your data file (EXPRESSDATA.MDB), go to the tools menu item, then click on Database Maintenance.

Once the Database Maintenance screen is up, click on the compact data file button and let Postmaster Express compact the file for you. Once completed, a backup of the un-compacted data file will also be created called 'backupmm_dd_yy.mdb' in the same default folder!

You should compact and back up your data file AT LEAST ONCE OR TWICE A MONTH. If you send out more than 1000 emails a day, we recommend you compact and back up your data file once every week.