Can I send Attachments?

We have specifically left out the ability to add attachments to your follow-up email for a number of reasons.

1) Attachments take up bandwidth when sending out your email thus it takes longer to send out your email.

2) Many times, unless your attachments are in zip format, messages with attachments are rejected when the recipient of the email try's to retrieve their email.

3) The biggest issue is how much email with attachments are ultimately blocked by ISPs and Networks, for a whole host of reasons, as you can imagine.

Instead, place the attachment up on a web server some where on the internet. Then, in the emails you send out, simply provide the URL of the attachment so they can download it at their leisure.

There a lot of free web space/storage sites out there for you to utilize if you do not already have web space on the internet where you can store files. There are MANY free sites like Google, Dropbox, etc. that will host docs and files for your contacts to download 24X7, 365 days a year!

If you MUST send out an attachment, you may do so in an IES autoresponder. With our autoresponder messages, you may add as many attachments to the autoresponse message as you like. This is found in our IES program.