More Postmaster Software Client Comments!

“I have tried all the well known available mailing pieces of software out there (including Mail Loop) and Postmaster is the far and away the best that I have ever tried. You can't beat the ease of use, toll free support and price. Just try to find what they are giving you for $300 anywhere else. I dare you!!!”

- Matt Gagnon, Mazu Publishing

“After using PostMaster for 9 months I cannot believe I was able to ever function without it. I now have 20+ categories and send out anywhere from 50 to 100 personalized follow up messages a day (not counting any "immediate send" messages). It has been a lifesaver! Thank you!”

- Kevin Wilke - President and Editor, VisionPro Associates

“I absolutely love my Postmaster program. When I started using Postmaster I reduced down my email workload literally from 8 hours per day to less than 5 minutes per day! In addition to that, I went from a middle leadership position to the highest leadership position in my business in just 16 days. Plus the ability to manage my contacts has been a wonderful blessing. It would be difficult for me to imagine doing my business without Postmaster. I now have dozens of my associates who have purchased and use the program also. Thank you so much Online Automation!”

- Michael Lancto Jacksonville, FL

“Savvy marketers are well aware of the value of follow up . Of the various follow up tools I'm aware of, I prefer the flexibility and other advantages of a desktop solution Postmaster and IES over server-based scripts and follow up autoresponders. Postmaster makes it easy to build your database, manage your contacts and then follow up automatically. This automated marketing tool would easily pay for itself in a few weeks when used by any serious marketer.”

- Marty Foley, ProfitInfo

“I utilize Postmaster in two ways: recruiting and training.”

“Recruiting: I have a follow up system that utilizes 10 emails. This is a no-brainer with Postmaster. I simply enter my ProStep leads into Postmaster, set it on automatic, and let Postmaster do the rest. At 3:12 a.m. every morning, Postmaster calls my ISP, logs me on, sends my follow up emails, and logs me off of my ISP. I never have to worry about contacting my prospect. And all of these emails are PERSONALIZED thanks to Postmaster. Results: In my first month I sponsored 27 new distributors. In my first 3 months, 54 new distributors had come on board.

Training: Once a new distributor comes on board, I simply transfer their name and email address to my Life Force Training category. I have set up a system of 27 follow up training emails to all my new distributors. With Postmaster, each receives a personalized training email in a timely fashion. And that is the key, "timely.” I don't have to worry about remembering to send a new training email each day. Whether I have 100, or 1000, Postmaster remembers for me. The result is much greater retention because my downline is receiving consistent personal contact from me with a quality training system.

Results: Much Higher Retention = Much Higher Commission Checks!”
Dr. John S. Herrington

“Thanks in advance for your dedication in customer support, for your time and efforts. Yours is the most amazing, automated system I have seen in many months of online research! You have revolutionized my whole business!”

- Mark Andreas Giesecke Germany, Europe

“Postmaster is by far the most effective incoming email and follow up system that I have ever used. I've been marketing on the internet for over a year now and have used many different follow up services. Aweber, Mailloop, GetResponse, Web name it, I've tried it. Postmaster is*without question* the easiest and most reliable system of its kind, that there is...PERIOD.”

- Frank Kern, K4 Global Publishing

“Wow!!! Am I happy! Your program is THE BEST! I only wish I'd had it years ago! I have a series of 11 letters I created, and I finished entering the prospective customer names in the program on Friday. Today is Monday (3 days later) and already picked up 2 customers. One after the 3rd follow up letter, the other after the 4th. On the following day, we had 4 more Orders! 150% increase in our orders! Awesome!”

- Mr. Joseph Linn Petrashek,

“Your software is the best thing since the Internet. What took me 3 years to get 3,500 email addresses paying an assistant $10 bucks an hour cutting and pasting one at a time has now taken me 3 weeks to get 1,123 contacts and Email addresses while I was sleeping! It's all worth 10 times what I paid for it. Wow! in my sleep I'm beating my competition.”

- Paul Conti, San Jose, CA

I called the toll-free number and ordered the product without hesitation or even trying the demo copy. I immediately started using the program and have no regrets whatsoever. It surpassed my greatest expectation!

And now with the addition of the add-on module called Incoming Mail Solution (IMS), I now have an early 100% automation system for my business. This freed up 70%of my time I was spending doing follow up s, online training, and other necessary tasks. Now I have more time to do 1-on-1 training with new downline members, thus speeding up both my downline member's success and my personal success.

I also publish a weekly ezine! The system automatically handle new subscribers, removes, support questions, and distributes the ezine to my subscribers.

I am truly automated - A Marketer's Dream! For the Serious Marketer, the system is a must and is well worth twice the price they ask.”

- Norm Sailer Wichita, Kansas

“Postmaster is an excellent online marketing tool with many time saving features. Everyone knows that the fortune is in the follow up, but who has the time? Especially when many on-line marketers work a full time "day job.” Postmaster "makes" that time for you, and allows you to get out the needed follow up and to get the sale. It is a very versatile program in that it's uses are limited only by the user's imagination. I use it not only for follow up sales messages, but also to distribute an e-zine. Postmaster is truly the time machine I've been looking for, and I am sure many will feel the same way. For this reason I would like to be able to resell Postmaster: I know it will help me to increase the bottom line. It is a product I can believe in and stand behind.”

- Jim Hobbs, Florida

“I'm so glad I was introduced to Postmaster Express!! I have been marketing on the internet now for almost 3 years. I have found that follow up is the key success and more sales. I always set aside two nights a week just to do my follow ups, but that really wasn't enough. It is amazing the number of emails I am sending out every day. It proved to me how bad my follow up system was before Postmaster! Every day I just go add more names of people who have requested information, and then click on "generate new messages". Everyone who should be "followed up" with that day pops up. Then I click send! With more consistent follow up, came a higher consistency of sales.Postmaster paid for itself my first week! I would not be without it now! It helps me be much more effective and efficient! Thanks again for your wonderful program! I just LOVE it!!”

- Peggy Hendricks, Wisconsin

“I have used Mailloop for about 1 year and it was a real time saver. I paid around $400 for it and once I learned how to use it I felt it was the great for Network Marketing. At the time I was into bulk email. Well, although I like Mailloop something made me get back online and search for something more automated. I found Online Automation via search engine result using automation as a keyword. The advertising sound good so, I downloaded the 30trail, (something you can't do with Mailloop). I figure out how to set it up, because it's pretty easy and began using it. First, before I even go into how much money I've made as a result of this program, I completely forgot I had Mailloop on my computer. Postmater Express is simply awesome. Running my newsletter mailing are so simple and it uses the Lan, again unlike Mailloop, which uses only dialup. As a direct result of Postmaster and IES we've made after a well planned follow up program over $15,000in less than 30 days.So, in a nutshell Mailloop isn't in the same league as Postmaster and IES. If you are a true Network Marketer don't less the cost of this program prevent you from realizing success. Remember, you get to try it for FREE for 30 days and you'll make back 10times what it cost, which compared to any other program out there is way under cost. POSTMASTER is the MASTER of all email follow up software!”

- Anthony Johnson

“I just wanted to write and say that Postmaster has really made the difference in my online activity. Postmaster does everything that I had hoped and more. Postmaster follow up perfectly every time and never gets tired!”.

- Mark Evans, North Carolina

“Last week I had the opportunity to use Postmaster for the first time. We were conducting a special promotion and I can attribute in excess of $6400.00in sales to the coordinated follow up that Postmaster afforded us. Postmaster not only automated the process, but it saved us time. Now that I know what Postmaster can do, you can bet we will be using it for all of our follow up campaigns. Postmaster more than paid for itself on its first outing!!”

- Bill Berkey, Nevada

“We are currently enrolling new travel agents in our company World Quest. We are using Postmaster to develop our online presence. With Distributor Services we will bring in many new agents in the next few months and we find that Postmaster is the best way to grow their business online. Each on-lineperson that comes aboard will be shown how to use Postmaster database manager to distribute information quickly to their clients. Additionally, we will use Postmaster to train our new Travel Agents. Postmaster is neat where I can start each new Travel Agent with their first days training in 15seconds and never touch Postmaster for that agent again until his last messages have been sent out.”

- Thanks for making our Travel Business EASIER, Mike

“With all the campaigns and lead generating systems that are being put into place, you will need a solution that is automated to follow up and follow through and not to mention start the training process. I have never seen such a tool as Postmaster. Postmaster literally takes minutes to what use to be hours to accomplish. I am excited to stand behind such a versatile solution. It is surely a home run all in a follow up and training system.”

- Steven C. Larson, NFLI

"I really appreciate how much Postmaster Express has helped me in my business. I run an online MLM Recruiting and Training System and since I began using Postmaster I've discovered several previously lost hours per day!

The automation has enabled me to expand the service I can provide to my Downline and Customers and business is growing faster than ever.

The best part is the customer support. I had a small problem (my own fault it turned out) but the support staff at Online Automation walked me through everything to get me back up and running in just minutes!”

-Bob Mark