Warning: Not all email marketing/contact management solutions are equal. STOP!..before you suffer one more unproductive day. Most marketers’ day is completely consumed by email, but real successful marketers are more productive and have more free time and profitable time using Postmaster.

Special Note: You’ve probably heard of us before. We’ve been around for almost 15 years and there is still not a single piece of software on the market that can touch Postmaster’s features, anywhere near a couple hundred dollars. Our software was originally called Pipleline, and about a decade ago we changed it to Postmaster.

Imagine for a moment a piece of software building and managing your contact database AND handling all your email…reading, responding/answering, sending/broadcasting, selling, forwarding, following up, categorizing, sorting, updating, and more for you…24X7, 365 days a year, while you sleep! (Or whatever you’re doing :))

And there’s more. Now you can send personalized text messages via Postmaster in addition to unlimited email…in a single click! Fill the download form to the right and call 888-793-2882 now, to find out the details. We can walk you through the easy setup, anytime.



“Explode Your Profits by Over 50% While Reducing Your Workload and Time Spent on Email in Half, And Slash Your Monthly Marketing Costs…Using Breakthrough Automated Software That Runs Your Business For You!”

Years ago, my company built a very unique front-end to Postmaster, an already very powerful contact database and communication tool. So much of your email and communication tasks can now be automated using our artificial intelligence built in called (IES) or “The Incoming Email Solution.” You can now have your very own Electronic Personal Secretary handle all your email!…read, answer, respond, sort, forward, categorize, update record, add to or remove from your contact database, and more — saving you endless hours of work, while

secretary3…providing instant custom responses and improved prospect/customer service 24 X 7. Since Postmaster can mail merge any field in your database imagine how specific, personalized, and customized your automated responses can be.We’ve been saying for 14 years….”We wanted to build a piece of software where the only limitations were our clients imagination.”

Postmaster is the only solution to integrate incoming and outgoing email automation with a true full-featured contact database manager…and it works for you, around the clock, for a low one-time investment. NO monthly fees, ever!

Get a fully-functional version of Postmaster free right now! Just fill in the form to the right and get the download and details instantly!

Online Automation’s solutions have been the choice of the top professionals in the online marketing business arena over the years. Successful entrepreneurs like…

Marlon Sanders, Marty Foley, Kevin Wilke, Art Jonak, David Ledoux, Matt Gagnon, Rick Beneteau, Andrew Fox, Terry Dean, Mike Enlow…to mention just a few.

Never before have you been exposed to a more powerful easy-to-use email marketing tool! This tool can send unlimited messages, autoresponders, and follow-up as well being a full contact management for all your leads, prospects, and clients. You have complete control!

Keep in mind, NO other Online or PC email solution will get better deliverability of your email messages through to nearly all Internet Providers…period! Sending 1000′s of messages an hour with Postmaster is the next best thing to sending individual messages from Eudora, Outlook, or Outlook Express! Try Postmaster today and start guaranteeing your messages get delivered!

On top of that, every message can be sent in BOTH HTML AND TEXT. (Which one displays depends on the recipient’s settings, and it’s automatic!

Finally, insure you are 100% compliant with the new Federal CAN-SPAM ACT! Our toll-free support staff will help insure you are 100% legal and compliant with the new Federal CAN-SPAM ACT. Let us help you today, call 888-793-2882.

From The Desk of Mark Wittkowski, Founder, Online Automation, Inc.
Iowa State University – Bachelor of Science and Statistics
NRCC – National Business Advisory Council 2004



In a moment you should be angry that you have not found this automated marketing solution long ago! I hear this all the time from new clients. I do understand why you’re here…you’re having the same problems I had as well as my clients, before Postmaster. You have too much daily workload and not enough hours in the day!

We all have 24 hours in a day…it’s what you do with that time that separates success from failure.

Before IES our “Incoming Email Solution” my staff was handling an amazing amount of email one at a time. Now I’m able to provide better faster responses and improved customer/prospect service — while reducing our workload and employee expenses by over 50%!

It’s simple: whether you are marketing a product, service, electronic newsletter, opportunity or networking business…the key to success is and has always been communicating with and supporting people. The problem is…it’s VERY time consuming, right?

Finally, after years of development, I’m able to offer you the perfect automated marketing software to handle much of your incoming email, your personal outgoing autoresponses, ezines, follow-up series, faq’s, support, broadcast messages, remove requests, subscribers, un-deliverables, appointments, contact and database management, plus much more…in just minutes a day!

Give yourself more time to promote and market your business, work on joint ventures, develop new products, find “super affiliates” or whatever you want just like the pros.


Now listen for a moment to what a few experts in the field of Internet Marketing feel about their Postmaster Software!

“I have tried all the well known available mailing pieces of software out there, and Postmaster is far and away the best.” - Matt Gagnon, Mazu > PublishingThis one tool has made every other resource and piece of software that I have recommended completely obsolete!” - Terry Dean,

After using Postmaster for 9 months I can not believe I was able to ever function without it. I now have 20+ categories and send out anywhere from 50 to 100 personalized follow up messages a day (not counting any “immediate send” messages). It has been a lifesaver! Thank you!” - Kevin Wilke – President and Editor, VisionPro Associates

Postmaster Express is widely considered the best and most effective Internet Marketing tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide!


“Email is the most cost effective marketing tool since the dawn of direct marketing!” PC Magazine Are taking full advantage of this powerful and effective medium?

Finally, a company has put together an easy to use and very powerful piece of PC software that automatically handles all your contact database management tasks, incoming email, autoresponders, follow-up, and other email marketing needs for you…right from ONE SINGLE APPLICATION! This makes life a whole lot easier for small businesses like yours, helping you build and market to your database like the pros.

How easy is your business to run?
As you will see, Postmaster Express the complete solution does it all for you…

  • Unlimited follow-up autoresponders from YOUR DOMAIN(s)
  • Reads and answers your incoming email for you 24×7
  • Every message can be sent in BOTH HTML AND TEXT. (Which displays depends on the recipient’s settings – automatically!
  • Sends messages super-fast one at a time to insure the best deliverability rate possible!
  • Adds and removes contacts to and from your database categories
  • Extract any data from incoming email to add to your database
  • Unlimited categories of follow-up message series
  • Replaces multiple list servers and online services
  • Handles all your contact and database management
  • Unlimited ezines and personal message broadcasting
  • Single click cleans out all fatal un-deliverables
  • Tracks all your different advertising campaigns
  • Handles all your appointments, so you never miss one…
  • NEW! One-click cleaning of ONLY fatal un-deliverables from your database
  • NEW! You’re not limited to how many messages your ISP will let you send
  • NEW! It’s unlikely that your messages will ever be blocked/filtered by various ISPs!


ALL AUTOMATICALLY for unlimited different products, databases and businesses’ with ease — for a one-time investment!


(Stop paying monthly fees! Save thousands of dollars over the life of Postmaster!)

Fill out our simple form above to Download and Try Postmaster Free Right Now!


Terry Dean mentioned, “there’s a HUGE PROBLEM all publishers and online marketers are having…”

My friend Terry Dean and I were talking not long ago and he was commenting how much he was amazed at my new Postmaster Express software and IES. He really felt the product was perfect, but I was not promoting the main benefit Postmaster offers him and all my clients. Terry mentioned, “there’s a HUGE PROBLEM all publishers and online marketers are having. They simply don’t have enough time in the day to handle their incoming and outgoing email effectively!! Believe it or not, some people just don’t have the time and are not answering much of their email!” (I think I’ve emailed some of those companies :-)

Terry went on by saying, “Postmaster is the only software in the marketplace that offers the complete solution to this problem and you need to focus your marketing on this incredible competitive strength. What IES offers, your own Electronic Personal Secretary, is what separates you far in front of the pack Mark. Your clients are able to free up an incredible amount of much needed time to build their businesses, develop more products, work with other companies to develop relationships and joint ventures, find super affiliates, and more!”

I hear the same thing everyday — handling your incoming email, managing your contacts and lists, handling (subscribers, removes, un-deliverables), sending email, and following-up are the toughest most time consuming parts of your business. Often these tasks alone consume your entire day!

Finally, Postmaster with my new “Incoming Email Solution” is now YOUR OWN ELECTRONIC PERSONAL SECRETARY reading and answering most of your email for you! Based on the content of any incoming email (to: address, keywords or phrases in the subject or body) you can send an instant response to answer any question — provide better faster customer/prospect support — and add or move contacts to and from different message categories. You even move contacts from a prospect series to a customer series and update your database as soon as they order, plus much more. IES works from any incoming email and can check any email account — including all your web forms/order forms responses without changing the html on your forms at all!

If you use Clickbank for example all their order receipt responses work perfectly for extraction using IES. I’ve even got them to separate first name and last name, as you might have noticed, so first name only personalization is now possible.

With Postmaster you are truly only limited by your imagination. If you can come up with a use or a need for Postmaster I can help you insure it gets implemented.

Here’s a basic example of Postmaster and IES in action…

You place an ad and send people to a free demo or report web form. IES extracts that contacts info from that form response email and adds him/her to the database then sends a personal instant response again covering how to get the free demo or report. This can reduce your faq’s by over 59%. A personalized prospecting series is sent over any time period you want. Now the clients reads your follow-up and purchases. The order form email comes in and their database record is updated automatically. The exciting part is they can also automatically be removed from that prospect series and added to a customer category! You are able insure your contacts are getting the information they want…and not what they don’t want, automatically.

The best part is still how much it will reduce your workload…PLUS you pay only once for this amazing Electronic Personal Secretary and it will work for your business forever! Think of all the free time you can have using this powerful tool — to develop new products, market your business, work on Joint Ventures, maybe even spend a little time away from your business with your family and friends. Think of all the free time you can have using this powerful tool — to develop new products, market your business, work on Joint Ventures, maybe even spend a little time away from your business with your family and friends.

Now Postmaster Express is widely considered the best and most effective Internet Marketing tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Why? It’s simple…

Postmaster is an easy to use, inexpensive, and a powerful solution to another HUGE PROBLEM.

If you don’t have a powerful automated back-end working for your business handling all your contact management, list building, incoming + outgoing email, follow-up, autoresponders, client support, FAQ’s, subscription and remove requests, appointments, ad tracking, etc…

…then you’re spinning your wheels and losing profits. STOP NOW! And get AUTOMATED!

Postmaster is easy to learn and use with my support tools, FAQ’s, walk-throughs, and training videos…plus you get professional toll-free coaching from us for a full 30 days and life-time email support!

Postmaster and my staff at Online Automation, Inc. will help you become a more effective and profitable marketer. I guarantee this in writing. With Postmaster you can easily generate more prospects, then build the confidence and trust of those contacts turning them into clients, automatically!

Don’t just take my word for it though. Listen to how my clients feel about their Postmaster Software, click here. They would never be without it again.

Click here, to see 10 answers to my most common question…Why should I invest in Postmaster over one of your competitors?

Postmaster is the ultimate software for turning your marketing system into a predictable, turn-key, cash-flow generating machine that works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week – EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT!

Click here, to see some screen shots and how easy it is to use. Fill the form out above to download Postmaster and try it free right now!

So don’t put it off…Download and Try Postmaster Express Free Right Now! You can send as many messages as you want for a full 10 times before you have to register! Just fill out the form at the top right of this page.

Then feel free to call us now at 888-793-2882 / 701-258-0797 or email us at with any questions.


Discover This Amazing Breakthrough Automated Software, Now Called Postmaster Express.

Postmaster is the ONLY solution that comes in two separate parts that seamlessly work together for you, around the clock.

IES – The “Incoming Email Module” The front end Personal Electronic Secretaryof my software reads and processes much of your incoming email and then, it sends the appropriate responses and filters (moves) contacts right to your database! Based on the content of any incoming email you can send an instant response to answer any question — provide better faster customer/prospect support — and add or move contacts to and from different message categories. You even move contacts from a prospect series to a customer series and update your database as soon as they order, plus much more.

Postmaster – “The Database Marketing Software” The back end Personal Sales Forceoffers a seamless interface into your database. This allows for complete automation of your database/contact management and email marketing – sending unlimited, targeted, and personalized follow-up for you! With unlimited message categories, you will now be able to do the easiest most targeted broadcast email marketing campaigns you have ever seen!

Postmaster automates many manually time-consuming and tedious tasks. The benefits of using this marketing system are considerable. Bottom line: Postmaster will make you a more effective and profitable marketer, as well as save you the most precious commodity you have…TIME!

With Postmaster and IES, it has NEVER been EASIER or MORE EFFECTIVE TO…

Qualify and Find Hot Prospects Build Targeted Mailing Lists Sell More and New Products Follow Up Consistently Answer Time Consuming Email Train and Educate to Build Trust and Confidence Send out company correspondence

This all costs valuable time, YOUR TIME! Often, time you just don’t have.

Postmaster gives you the time and the power to market like the top professionals and large corporations for a fraction of the cost they pay for custom programming solutions. I teach you what to send, when and why…like the secret to getting responses. I’ll teach you the strategies and psychology behind sequential email marketing to legitimately and automatically build your database and at the same time build trust and confidence of your prospects. Postmaster does the work for you. Consistent personalized FOLLOW-UP tightens the one-on-one relationships with your contacts, generating a significant amount of sales, otherwise lost.

Take a moment from your busy schedule to learn about how this powerful and effective marketing software can help you save time and increase your business profits. It’s user-friendly and easy to get started, plus I offer you…

TOLL-FREE Support Team, call: 888-793-2882 / 701-258-0797 100% RISK-FREE 30 day money-back GUARANTEE FREE DOWNLOAD – FULL-featured, unregistered version.

The cost of doing nothing about your incoming email, follow-up, and database management can be many times (even a 100+ times) this one-time investment. You have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars in time and money to gain. There’s no excuse not to give it a try right now.

Click here, to see some screen shots and how easy it is to use. Fill the form out above to download Postmaster and try it free right now!


Now listen for a moment to what some more experts in the field of Internet Marketing feel about their Postmaster Software!

“This automated marketing tool would easily pay for itself in a few weeks when used by any serious marketer.” - Marty Foley,“Postmaster is without question the easiest, most reliable, and effective system there is…PERIOD.” - Frank Kern, K4 Global Publishing

“Your software is the best thing since the Internet. What took me 3 years to get 3,500 email addresses paying an assistant $10 bucks an hour cutting and pasting one at a time has now taken me 3 weeks to get 1,123 contacts and Email addresses while I was sleeping! It’s all worth 10 times what I paid for it. Wow! in my sleep I’m beating my competition.” - Paul Conti, San Jose, CA

“I can attribute in excess of $6,400.00 in sales to Postmaster…It more than paid for itself the first week!” - Bill Berkey, Publisher of E-Digest

“This freed up 70% of the time I was spending doing follow-ups, answering email, online training and other necessary tasks. Now I am truly automated – A Marketer’s Dream! For the Serious Marketer, the system is a must and is well worth twice the price they ask.” - Norm Sailer, Wichita, Kansas

“IES actually reads and answers your incoming email, then filters the contact info into your Postmaster database, automatically!” - JR Orsoni

“Thanks in advance for your dedication in customer support, for your time and efforts. Yours is the most amazing automated system I have seen in 8 months of online research. You have revolutionized my whole business!” - Mark Andreas Giesecke, Germany




Postmaster is breakthrough user-friendly PC software that offers you the power of automation at your fingertips. It reduces hours worth of work to just minutes a day and can do the job of dozens of secretaries and commissioned sales people. It can handle hundreds, even thousands of contacts FOR YOU, effortlessly! The software also handles UNLIMITED PRODUCTS AND BUSINESSES for you. You can have a different personality (from company name) for unlimited message categories!

It’s your completeincoming and outgoing email database marketing solution for your PC. This “SMART” software reads and responds to your incoming email with personalized and unlimited auto responses based on the content of any email…then filters contact information right from your incoming email and Web forms (without ANY custom Web forms or costly cgi programming) to your Postmaster database for unlimited personal sequential follow-up!

Imagine a fully automated Electronic Personal Secretary and database marketing software that delivers personalized information to your potential customers and then follows up with them automatically over a preset number of days, weeks, and months.

At the same time Postmaster automatically builds a pin-point targetedcontact database for you. Simply filter (search) your database for category or what field you want, including date started, with a comprehensive and easy to use database wizard. Now send a personalized message to this filtered group, move or add them to a new follow-up category based on their interests and purchasing habits, set them to a new message, or stop them from receiving the rest of the series. It’s up to you…you have complete control!

Finally, effortless “ONE-CLICK” personalized and pin-point targeted broadcast mailings with the power of a full contact manager and a reminder system for all your tasks and appointments. Never forget another important call, appointment, task, birthday, or anniversary! Now you can have 100% automation – adding contacts and subscribers to your auto follow-up database, as well as handling remove requests and fatal un-deliverables for you. Plus, my NEW scheduler automates the whole process for you, even if you’re gone on vacation!

I’ll teach you how to make more sales with less effort for whatever you’re selling. Use proven strategies while learning the psychology behind sequential email marketing. You will legitimately and automatically build your database and at the same time build trust and confidence in your prospects marketing to your list like the top professionals.

Imagine the feeling when you can accomplish so much as Postmaster is hard at work answering email, updating your database and following up for you around the clock. You just click “generate new messages” and “send!” Sit back and watch Postmaster go to work for you. With 2 clicks of your mouse, you have complete systematic, personalized and automated email answering and follow-up system, right from the comfort of your PC. Spend more time doing what you want to do… like spending time with your family. No need to worry… you can feel confident that Postmaster is hard at work for you 24X7 365 days a year!


Download and try Postmaster right now for FREE! This FULLY FUNCTIONAL unregistered version allows you try the software 10 times! Fill the form out above for Instant Access.

The perfect “INCOMING EMAIL SOLUTION,” IES, seamlessly interfaces your incoming email and Web forms with your Postmaster email marketing database! NO PROGRAMMING NEEDED!

Click here, to see some screen shots and how easy it is to use.


You must automate the mechanics of your business to compete and thrive online or you’ll be one of the 85% who don’t make it - end of story. And I’ll tell you right now, if you have to manually add your contacts to a database, then try and follow up manually, 9 times out of 10 your business will fall apart. Contacts and profits will start falling through the cracks. Why flush your time and money down the toilet when you don’t have to?



My software can automatically answer questions based on keywords in your incoming email and web forms then filter the contact’s information right into or switch to any category message series in your database you want!!!

Example #1 – Turning a prospect into a customer

Day 1 - Prospect fills out a Web form for free training. -An instant welcome response goes out -Contact’s information is added to your database -They are instantly added to your training and prospect series

Day 2 – Personal Introduction letter or training article sent, describing the solutions you provide.

Day 4 – Another personalized training article/sales letter sent, covering the benefits of your product and ask questions to prompt a response.

Day 5 - Prospect buys a product -Contact automatically changes from prospect series to a customer series, but stays on training series to build trust and confidence.

Day 7 - Personal message sent out covering the benefits of your reseller program and asking them to sign up.

Day 9 – Customer becomes a reseller by signing up. -All new info is added to your database and can now be merged into messages -Contact begins the reseller training series instantly

Day 12 – Another personalized follow up sent offering help and asking for feedback regarding the product they purchased.

Day 16 – Another follow up sent introducing a NEW product or resource! And so on…

IES will also extract information out of the email message header, subject, or body, including ANY web form results email. It then takes your contact’s information and adds it to your database.

For any Web site you’re using (such as an affiliate site) that sends you an email, when someone fills out the form or requests information, IES can… =>Send him or her an autoresponse! =>Then extract all their information from the body and add it to any category you want for unlimited follow-up, all automatically!

Example #2 – Prospecting for “super affiliates” and publishers

Day 1 - Search the Internet for high traffic sites that appeal to your target audience.

Day 2 – Sign up for ezine or training and manually add the site owners name, email, phone, name of publication, interesting point about site, company name, etc. -You are able to merge all this information into your messages making them very personal and effective because they will get attention!

Day 3 – First introductory message sent addressing the owner by name and mentioning their company name and publication and that you enjoyed the information. You let them know you are interested in discussing a way to work together to make money.

Day 5 - Personal follow up to ask for them to sell your products as you are both addressing a similar target audience. Let them know of some special incentive because you are very interested in working with them.

Day 7 - Message sent out covering the benefits of your reseller program and or product benefits.

Day 9 – Ask for more information on their products and affiliate/reseller programs. If you have not gotten a response yet you will to this one. And so on…

You will receive more details on these strategies and many others in my client training series.

Click here, to hear from more of our clients!

Download and try Postmaster right now for FREE! This FULLY FUNCTIONAL unregistered version allows you try the software and send as much email as you want for 10 times! Fill our form out above for Instant Access.

Call Toll-Free at 888-793-2882 or 701-258-0797 (M-F) 8AM-6PM CST to find out how this complete system will work with your particular businesses.



Postmaster affords you the opportunity to take full advantage of all your E-mail communications. Make your efforts a success in much less time than you are spending now! Take a look at Postmaster to see why thousands are turning to the only professional, easy to use database marketing software of its kind…delivering the best combination of ease-of-use, power and cost — in the desktop database arena.

What happens when people email you or fill out your web forms with questions and interest?

Ask yourself these important questions…

  • Are you letting your contacts, prospects, and profits slip through the cracks?
  • Do you know how much poor follow-up costs you every day?
  • Do you have an automated system in place to insure that you maximize the results of all your marketing and advertising efforts?

If not, try the database marketing system for the 21st Century…What you can imagine, I can show you how to make it happen, automatically.

Do you have an automated system in place that nudges, inquires, follows up, reminds and answers questionsfor each and every contact in due course, over and over…?

If not, you’re losing valuable sales. With Postmaster, you can send a personalized automated series as well as unscheduled special announcements and offers with targeted, pin-point accuracy. With my tool package, you can automatically build your database, importing contacts into categories from all of your web forms, and NOW from your incoming email as well!

Do you know what the crucial “secret” to generating maximum profit per lead and insuring your success is? What if I told you this little “secret,” most Internet marketers fail to do? Most simply stop before they even get started! Now, what if I told you Postmaster will completely automate this “secret” for you? Either you’re putting the hours into your database building, marketing, and follow-up or you’re not, and you’re losing contacts and sales.

Admit it! You have lost sales due to a lack of follow-up. We all have. And now, there is NO Excuse!!

Postmaster’s database management and automated email follow-up system completely manages, tracks, and sends Personalized Email to Potential Customers, Prospects, Newsletter Subscribers, Clients, Colleagues, Organization Members, and more, FOR YOU! Why wait and lose more sales? Gain an upper hand on your competition today!

Automatically keeping in touch and bringing contacts back to your Web site will…

Build lasting customer relationships Instill product and brand loyalty Build trust and customer confidence Leverage repeat business Increase your profits immediately

It’s as easy as this…

Copy your follow-up messages by category into Postmaster. Set up IES to check all your POP3 incoming email accounts.

Tell IES what to look for in your incoming email and what actions to perform. Then simply click “generate,” then “send messages!” You are now informing, selling and educating AUTOMATICALLY. My new scheduler handles everything for you automatically – generating and sending daily messages!

Continue personalized dialogue with your Web site visitors via email even after they leave your site…enhancing your relationships, leveraging repeat sales, and reducing service costs. The mail-merge feature can insert any and all contact database fields into your follow-up, providing a personal touch in every message.

Market to your Postmaster database with pin-point accuracy, sending personalized messages right from you (not a 3rd party) to your contacts, with their – name, address, company, special codes, URLs, email address, their entire message, or any information you would like, right in the subject line and body of all your messages!

Special Bonus for ordering Postmaster risk-free right now. If you decide on a refund you still keep all these bonuses.

I’ll provide many of the details and strategies you need in my FREE “Email Marketing Course” by Terry Dean called…Insider Secrets to Email Marketing: How To Increase Your Traffic, Generate Leads, and Make More Sales Online along with the Automated Tools to Insure Your Success.”. This course and all the bonuses, including the reprint rights of my “Online Training Email Series” and my “MLM Email Training Series,” are yours FREE for trying our software. This “Email Marketing Course” is the best selling course of its kind, with thousands sold at $57.00 to $199.00! In addition you receive 4 bonuses for a total value over $800.00 for ordering Postmaster absolutely risk-free!


FREE with your purchase of Postmaster!!


Consistent Automated Follow-up GETS RESULTS! Sell More of Whatever You’re Selling…



Spend time with your family? Get more relaxation and sleep? Go for a walk or exercise? Eat a regular breakfast and lunch? Sit back and read a good book?

All with the confidence that your computer and your business are working for YOU, not the other way around. Life is too short. Don’t work harder, just smarter!

Click here, to see 10 answers to my most common question…Why should I invest in Postmaster over one of your competitors?


“With Postmaster we can now proactively reach our customers and prospects with reminders of our specials and suggestions for holiday and gift-giving occasions that are important. We see this as a great competitive advantage for us and has turned into an opportunity to make very large online profits for our business”, Specialty Gifts, CO

“It is amazing the number of emails I am sending out everyday. It proved to me how bad my follow up system was before Postmaster! Every day I just import more names of people who have requested information, and then click on “generate new messages”. Everyone who should be “followed up” with that day, pops up. Then I click send! With more consistent follow-up came a higher consistency of sales. Postmaster paid for itself my first week! I would not be with out it now! It helps me be much more effective and efficient! Thanks again for your wonderful program! I just LOVE it!!”, Peggy Hendricks, Wisconsin

Click here, to hear from more of my clients!




Have you ever wondered why you never hear back from most of your prospects? Perhaps they were busy that day or just forgot about your message or Web site. The reality is that your prospect is unlikely to buy from you unless he sees your ads or sales letters 5-7 times, minimum! But that kind of consistent, repeated follow-up is not easy.


Do any of these sound like problems you have?


I don’t have the time to follow up consistently. Answering email consumes most of my day. I often lose track of contacts, even my “hot prospects.” I can’t afford expensive custom developed solutions. I can’t keep in touch with resellers as often as I want. I have purchased software that doesn’t get results. My leads are coming in faster than I can handle. My database is so disorganized that I can’t use it effectively. I need a better marketing strategy that will produce results. I’m too busy to run my business and market effectively.



Postmaster is the ideal automated online marketing software to insure you MAXIMIZE your ONLINE PROFITS and reduce your efforts. I GUARANTEE IT! You can stop wasting valuable time and keep in touch with your contacts AUTOMATICALLY right from your PC!


Unlimited follow-up to your contacts at predetermined intervals. Your own Electronic Personal Secretary handles your incoming email. Qualify your prospects and leads automatically. Seamless interface now from incoming email into your database. Unlimited auto-responses based on key words and your rules. Extracts Web form information from any email into your database. The easiest database building marketing software on the Net. Maximize your profits automatically at an affordable price.. Keep all of your associates educated and motivated. Full database management of all your contacts with 40+ fields. Tracks every message sent (and when) to each contact. Introduce and cross-sell back end products effortlessly. Offer an Ezine or training series automatically. Answer FAQ’s automatically and quickly.





Stay in touch with your online and off-line contacts through ongoing, fully automated email and snail mail campaigns. Send multiple series of short, PERSONALIZED messages from Postmaster to let your prospects and customers know that you value their business.


Unlike server-based systems, you have total control of your database! The security and peace of mind of having complete automated control of your contact database right on YOUR OWN PC is incredible.


Don’t take the chance that your online service is being blocked by a number of different ISPs and networks or that someone won’t click on an Autobot email address. With Postmaster, your communication is personalized and comes directly from your email address to theirs. This provides the feeling and personal touch of you sitting down and writing your messages to each and every contact.


Insure your email gets through!


Having all of the benefits of a powerful back-end contact/database manager like Microsoft® Access can help your marketing efforts dramatically. Keep track of the essentials on every contact including a NOTES area and a tickler file system that lets you know when to call them next.


I look forward to helping you take your business to the next level. If you have any questions or I can help you in any way, call us toll-free at 888-793-2882 / 701-258-0797 or send us an email here: My professional coaching staff is ready to help you! Have the Web site address you are at right now handy.


To your success,


Mark Wittkowski, Founder Online Automation
Toll-free Coaching Support: 888-793-2882 / 701-258-0797


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